Truffle preservation

The MyTruff commitment guarantees that the truffle can be consumed up to 30 days after its harvest in an excellent state of preservation. Even so, next we explain how to preserve the freshness of the truffle so you can enjoy its incomparable and unmistakable aroma and flavor.

Since it is an extremely sensitive product, it must be at temperatures between 2ºC and 4ºC.

Therefore we recommend keeping them in the refrigerator (if possible in the lower part of the refrigerator that does not dry too much).

It is not recommended to store them outdoors, since there is a risk of oxidation, with the consequent loss of perfumes.

Earthenware containers, covered with a slightly damp cloth, can be placed in a glass container or a porous container.

Do not store the truffle in a container that closes hermetically, since it must be aerated. Use, for example, a container covered with transparent film. We can put kitchen paper on the base of the container.

In specific cases, rice can be put inside the container, in this way it will absorb the humidity and the conservation period will be longer.

A somewhat more laborious preservation system would be by submerging it in some variety of mild vinegar such as apple, brandy, dry sherry or sunflower oil. In this way, the duration of the fresh truffle will be much longer. It should be noted that, over time, it will end up losing its own aroma and will take on its own vinegar.

The best way to preserve the truffle for a long period is to freeze it although you have to be aware that you will lose part of the aroma when it stops being fresh. If you decide to freeze it, we recommend wrapping it with clear film. When its use is required, it will be possible to contribute directly to the dish without having to defrost it using only the desired quantity and thus preventing the rest from being defrosted

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