250 Grames


250 grams of MyTruff black truffleExtra or Special category.
The perfect amount for use in the hotel and restaurant industry.
Mytruff collects truffles from the field, performs quality control. Once selected, revolutionary treatment systems are applied and shipped in a specially designed packaging to preserve all their quality and aroma for up to 30 days.

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In MyTruff we apply a modern treatment from the picking of the truffle to the customer’s table, ensuring freshness up to 30 days from its collection
Ultrasounds are applied to eliminate all living organisms in the skin of the truffle and reduce their transpiration needs.
Once selected, cleaned and decontaminated, they are packaged in a modified atmosphere, heat sealed with microperforated plastic by laser (more permeable to CO2 than to O2,).
All this process allows the truffle to retain all its qualities, remaining fresh up to 1 month.


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