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Black Truffle

The black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) is a fungus that grows underground with the roots of Mediterranean trees, such as oaks.
Its aroma is intense; its flavor, surprising, conferring an added value to each dish, elevating it to the gourmet category.

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Why MyTruff?

MyTruff is an international supplier of the best black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) from Europe.
All truffles are different. The type of tree under which it was developed, the soil, the climate and the amount of rain fall are factors that influence this aspect and that is why MyTruff only selects the highest quality truffles.

The highly valued aroma of the truffle can only be appreciated at 100% if the truffles are fresh. The MyTruff truffles are carefully collected by our experts in their optimum degree of maturity. After an exhaustive study of their quality that results we categorize them, carefully selecting only truffles of extra category.

The premium category truflles are brushed and cleaned with the most modern techniques to later be packed in a modified atmosphere in order to maintain all the properties of the truffle.

The truffle is classified according to its aroma, size, texture, roughness, whether it is whole or not, etc.

Mytruf applies a rigorous analysis to each piece, selecting only the truffles of extra category: they must have a weight between 30 and 80 g, with a perfect appearance and with a regular cover.

Mytruff thus becomes a quality certification that guarantees the highest quality truffles. Therefore MyTruff truffles probably are the best black truffles in the world.

In MyTruff we apply a modern treatment from the picking of the truffle to the customer’s table, ensuring freshness up to 30 days from its collection

Ultrasounds are applied to eliminate all living organisms in the skin of the truffle and reduce their transpiration needs.

Once selected, cleaned and decontaminated, they are packed in a modified atmosphere, heat sealed with microperforated plastic by laser (more permeable to O2 than to O2,).

All this process allows the truffle to maintain its qualities, remaining fresh up to 30 days.

MyTruff truffles are packaged in modified atmosphere and shipped in isothermal food containers with cold storage, designed to maintain the temperature between 4 and 6 C, providing and improving the life of the black truffle

Also, thanks to the traceability system of MyTruff, you can check the status of your shipment and the estimated delivery at any time.

The highly valued aroma of the truffle is only appreciated 100% if the truffles are fresh.

Mytruf guarantees the delivery of fresh black truffles in less than 72 hours from collection.

The shipment is made with the most modern conservation measures in order to guarantee the freshness and quality of this culinary diamond.

In case the truffle arrives in poor condition or arrives after 72 hours, our commitment is to return 100% of the amount


The Oak trees are water with natural mineral water of the Sierra de Albarracín located at more than 1,800 meters of altitude. Its underground origin allows the water to be perfectly protected from any pollutant.

100% biological  truffle: truffles come from selected lands: no pesticides, fertilizers and no contamination of organic matter

Selection of truffles of extra or special category: These truffles are characterized by having a weight between 30 and 80 gr, have a nice and harmonic shape, free of deformations, black and fine flesh. They are the most appropriate to take whole to the table, laminate them with all their aroma and enjoy a five-star experience.

Gourmet aroma

A special touch for your dishes

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Truffle preservation
Truffle preservation

The MyTruff commitment guarantees that the truffle can be consumed up to 30 days after its harvest in an excellent state of preservation. Even so, next we explain how to preserve the freshness of the truffle so you can enjoy its incomparable and unmistakable aroma and flavor.

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Truffle Pizza

We bring you a very special recipe, simple, different and for all tastes: a delicious pizza with fresh black truffle.

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Truffle Risotto

A Risotto truffled with mushrooms is a safe bet to delight diners. In this blog post we show you how to prepare it in a few simple steps. A Risotto truffled with mushrooms is a safe bet to delight diners. In this blog post we show you how to prepare it in a few simple steps.